Curriculum Vitae


2001 Traineeship, Department of Immunology, Leids Univresitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC)
1995 – 2000 Doctorate in the Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam
Thesis title: “Technologies of Similarities and Differences. On the interdependence of nature and technology in the Human Genome Diversity Project”
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Annemarie Mol; Prof. Dr. Gert-Jan van Ommen; Prof. Dr. Selma Leydesdorff; Dr. Ruth Oldenziel
1993 – 1994 Master in Political Sciences, cum laude, University of Amsterdam
Minored in social philosophy and sociology
Master thesis: “Het boek des levens. Van eugenetica naar het Human Genome Project”


2008 – present Associate Professor 1, Department of Sociology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Amsterdam, Tenure
2004 – 2008 Associate Professor 2, Department of Political Science, University of Amsterdam, Tenure
2001 – 2003 Assistant Professor 1, Department of Political Science, University of Amsterdam, Tenure
1999 – 2001 Teacher, Department of Science Dynamics and Department of Biology, University of Amsterdam
1999 – 2000 Junior Researcher, Population Genetics, Forensic Laboratory for DNA Research, LUMC
1995 – 1999 Doctorate Research at the Belle van Zuylen Institute, University of Amsterdam; Forensic Laboratory for DNA Research, LUMC; The Laboratory for Evolution and Human Genetics, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität


Refereed Journals
Complete publication list see PUBLICATIONS

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2010 – present Director, research program Health Care and the Body, Dept. of Anthropology, Universiteit van Amsterdam
2009 – present Founding convener of the seminars series The Ir/relevance of Race in Science and Society, Universiteit van Amsterdam
2008 – present Scientific Director, Annual Summer school of Royal Dutch Society of Science and Hendrik Muller
2005 – 2008 Founding Director of Forensic Science Master, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics (FNWI), Universiteit van Amsterdam
2003 – 2007 Chair of the Curriculum Committee of Science and Technology Studies, University of Amsterdam. Developed, in cooperation, the program “Science and Technology in a Globalized World”
2001 – 2008 Founding Director of Science, Technology & Public Management Master, FNWI, Universiteit van Amsterdam


2012 FWOS research grant (€ 560,000), “Sexualities and Diversities in the Making”
2012 Fellowship, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Germany
2011 – 2013 Center for Society and Genomics research grant (€ 152,348), “Genes, Brains and Criminality in Context”
2011 – 2012 Center for Society and Genomics post-doc fellowship (€ 200,000), “Dutch-ness in Genes and Genealogy: Following Genetic Diversity around in Science and Society”
2011 Fellowship, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle, Germany
2011 Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Seksualiteit research grant (€ 11,500), “Diversity and Sexual Development: Literature Review”
2005 Fellowship, Center for Science Studies, Lancaster
2004 – 2009 NWO PhD project grant (€ 159,000), “A DNA Profile’s Capacity for Right: On the Interference between Science and the Law in Forensic DNA Practice in the Netherlands”
2004 – 2006 ZonMw top-down grant (€ 120,000), “Verkenningen van de wenselijkheid en mogelijkheden voor invoering van primaire- en secondaire preventieve van heamoglobinopathieen”
2004 – 2005 ZonMw top-down grant (€ 90,000), “Mogelijkheden en beperkingen in klinisch onderzoek voor het omgaan met diversiteit”
2003 – 2004 Rathenau Institute grant (€ 75,000), “Alledaagse medische praktijken”
2001 Rathenau Institute grant (€ 3,000), “Alledaagse medische praktijken”, pilot study


2011, 28 Jan. “How Life Matters: The case of race” for the Visual Culture Workshop (Goldsmiths University, UK).
2010, 17 Dec. “Beyond Fact and Fiction: On the Materiality of Race and Associated Differences” for the ARC-GS lecture (University of Amsterdam).
2010, 3 Nov. “The Ir/relevance of Race in Biomedical Practice” for the International workshop Anthropología, Ciencia y Tecnología: Entre la Esperanza, la Gloria y la Decepción, the Department of Anthropology (Universitad de Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia).
2010, 2-5 Sept. “Performing the Technoscientific Body: On the Materiality of Race in Practice” for the Bi-annual Conference of EASST: European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (Trento, Italy).
2010, 27-28 May Plenary Interview with Karen-Sue Taussig about her book Ordinary Genomes, 10 Years After Conference (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
2009, 4-7 Jun. “Political Objects: Race, Sex and Scientific Practice” for the 7th European Feminist Research Conference: Gendered Cultures at the Crossroads of Imagination, Knowledge and Politics (Utrecht, the Netherlands).


2013, 2-6 May “Doing Dutchness: A case study in genetic diversity” invited paper for the International Interdisciplinary Scientific Workshop / SIGENET Workshop 5 (Kunming, China).
2013, 6 Jun. “Suspect bodies: Forensic Identification and the trouble with race” invited lecture for the Transnational Bodies symposium (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
2011, 24-26 Nov. “Making Time: On Race and Relations in Cows” invited lecture for the International workshop: Data – Difference – Diversity. Technologies of Differentiation in the Life (Max Planck Institute, Berlin, Germany).
2011, 3-4 Nov. “Beyond the chain of custody: DNA based EVC & Familial searching” Invited lecture for the International workshop: Projected Worlds, Durham University, Newcastle, 3-4 Nov. 2011.
2011, 7-8 July “Inferring Identity: On the materiality of race in forensic practice” invited opening lecture for the International workshop Race, genomics and mestizaje (mixture) in Latin America: a comparative approach (University of Manchester, UK).
2011, 3-6 July “What is a Suspect? Genetics, Externally Visible Characteristics and Criminal Investigation” invited paper for the Panel Police and Forensic Science at the British Society for Criminology Conference, Northumbria University (Newcastle, UK).
2011, 29 March “Beyond Fact and Fiction: On the Materiality of Race in Practice” invited lecture for CSS/CGWS/Sociology Seminar (Lancaster University, UK).
2010, 22-23 Nov. “The Matter of Race in Genetics and Archaeology” invited Paper for the Conference: Laqueur Revisited (University of Groningen, the Netherlands).
2010, 15-16 Oct. “Hardwiring and Soft Science: Rethinking sex in the brain” discussant to the lecture of Rebecca Jordan-Young at the Conference: Gender in Practice (University Nijmegen, the Netherlands).
2010, 15-16 Oct. “The Materiality of Race: Or how to do history with bones and DNA” invited lecture at the Conference: Gender in Practice (University Nijmegen, the Netherlands).
2010, 7 July “The HeLa Error: On the aesthetics of wholeness and the materiality of race” Invited paper for the Law, Organization, Science & Technology Research Group, Max Planck Institute (Halle, Germany).
2010, 27-28 May “Dutch-ness in Bones and Genes” invited paperat the 10 Years After Conference (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
2009, 26-31 Oct. “Regulating the Criminal Brain” invited paper for the ESF Research Conference Law and Neuroscience (Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy). (together with T. Dehue)
2008, 22-26 Jun. “The Bio and the Politics of Population in Criminal Investigation” invited lecture at the The Genomics and Populations Summer Institute (Lancaster University, UK).


2011, 2-3 Jun. Organizer of the international workshop
Technologies of Belonging: Biology, Race and Technology in Europe,
with more than 20 invited speaker from various European countries (Amsterdam, the Netherlands). See Website
2010, 26 May Organizer of the international workshop
Doing Dutch-ness in Science, Language and Culture,
(University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
2010, 21 Jan. Organizer the international workshop
The Ir/relevance of race in the anthropology of (bio)medical practices
(University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
2009, 16 Dec. Organizer of the international workshop
Distributed Bodies Practices of disability and chronic disease
(University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
2009, 18-19 Dec. Organizer of the international conference and expert meeting on Sickle cell Disease in Amsterdam
Innovations and Dilemmas in Sickle Cell Screening,
Amsterdam Medical Center (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
2004, 12-13 Nov. Organizer of the international expert meeting
“Diversity in Clinical Research”
as part of a ZonMw-funded project on this issue (Bergen, the Netherlands).




Membership editorial boards
2012 – present Science and Technology Studies (home journal of the European Society for the Social Studies of Science: EASST)
2011 – present Universitas Humanistica (Journal in Sociology and Anthropology)
2010 – present Tijdschrift voor Gender Studies (Journal of Gender Studies)
Membership professional and scientific societies
2012 – present Expert, “Virtual College”, AHRC Research Network Technoscience, Law and Society: Interrogating the Nexus
2011 – present Member, think-tank Felix Meritis, independent European Centre for Art, Culture and Science
2010 – present Member Board of Education, The Netherlands Research School of Gender studies (NOG)
2010 – 2012 Member Scientific Policy Commission, FWOS
Membership professional societies
ongoing American Anthropological Association
  European Association for Social Anthropology
  Society for the Social Studies of Science
  European Association for the Social Studies of Science and Technology
Advisory roles (selection)
2012 – present Advisor, Research Project “Genetics and Forensic Anthropology in the Identification of Missing Persons”, Bogota, Colombia
2010 – present Member Advisory Board, Amsterdam Center for Gender and Sexuality Studies
2010 – present Advisor, International Research Project “Immigene: Social, Political an Ethical Implications of the DNA Analysis for Family Reunification”, Frankfurt University
2010 – present Advisor, Research Project “Genomic Research and Race in Latin America”, Manchester University


Dutch, English, German, Arabic, French